Community Update: Red Hill Fuel Tanks (2018)

This is an excerpt from Representative Johanson's 2018 Legislative Session Summary. To view the entire document as a PDF, click here.

The current state of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility is an important issue that impacts drinking water for more than 400,000 residents from Red Hill to Waikiki.  Since the First Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Crabtree ruled that the Navy's Red Hill fuel tanks must comply with statutory law in February, the Navy has been working towards implementing changes to meet state standards. According to the Board of Water Supply, which Representative Johanson has been in contact with, drinking water for our community continues to be safe.

In March, Representative Johanson also attended a public information workshop hosted by the Navy and Defense Logistics Agency on the Red Hill fuel tanks.  During this meeting, the Navy and Defense Logistics Agency provided information detailing its current research and evaluation on existing infrastructure and tank upgrade alternatives.  

More information regarding the Red Hill fuel tanks, including copies of the AOC and TUA, is available on the Environmental Protection Agency's website at